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STRAIGHT From The Scalp 


We will not start processing a customer's order until we have pulled the payment from our Payment Processor.  Due to high credit fraud in the hair industry, payments are pulled 24-48 hours after your order is received.  This allows time for any concerns that should arise by the card owner to be addressed.

Once the payment is pulled, then the order Processing Time starts.

  • Ready2Ship - Ships 2-4 business days AFTER payment is pulled.

  • Custom Order - Ship 1 business day AFTER the timeframe communicated needed to create order.  Custom orders take 14 business days to construct units.

  • Wig of The Month - Unit will ship 1 business day AFTER the 14 - 20 day constructing timeframe it take to create the unit.  Example:  If you order the wig on the 1st day of the month, the construction of the unit will not start until 48 hours AFTER you make your payment.  The 14-20 days processing will start 3 days AFTER you make your payment.

  • Items NOT in stock - ships 2-3 business days once items are received.  This gives us time to inspect, wash and condition and fully air dry the hair prior to shipping.  Please be mindful that some items, i.e. bundles, and closures are not always in stock and will be indicated on the website there will be a wait time. 

  • Straight From The Scalp reserves the right to change the delivery method specified on our website to a comparable method. Shipping charges may be more or less than the actual rate charged by the carrier. All shipping costs must be paid in full at the time of the order.

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